Over the  weekend  of 11-12  August 2018 the PFAA organized the first ever IFAA Polish Field Championships.

We competed over two Field Rounds and two Hunter Rounds during the course of these two days.

The Polish Championships were fifth IFAA outdoor tournament we have organized in 2018 and by doing so we promote IFAA field rules (we have created a Polish translation) with our archers.

These rules are very well accepted by our archers. Some say that this was the most demanding and most satisfactory archery tournament in their life!

Pictures can be seen on: https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=1Pu6bCa67qTvqAQoAuwuYszUXSAYvkxym

Another outcome of the recent championships, is that the 14 butts field course we have built for the championships, will stay there permanently and will serve our Warsaw 560 Field Archery Club members as the first Polish facility open for all archers.

We are now, preparing our Polish Bow hunters 3D championships, which would be held on 15 -16 September 2018.

Exec note:
Well done to our Polish archers! Such feed backs are much appreciated

 poland1  poland2
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