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We are pleased to announce that Loet Smit and Timothy Stone have been re-elected unopposed for the office term 2017/2020 as IFAA President and IFAA Treasurer respectively.

IFAA president2017

Loet was first elected as IFAA President in 2005 after serving the IFAA from 1995 to 2004 as the IFAA Secretary. Loet’s main drive:

  • To promote the IFAA as a formally recognised international field archery association.
  • To obtain close cooperation between the various international archery associations in a manner that their individual character is not affected.
  • To make archers understand that the enjoyment of the sport takes precedence over achievement, thus making it an international “sport for all”
  • To make archery available to all and in a style which is most enjoyable to the individual.

He is currently the longest serving President in the history of the IFAA as he continues to set a pristine example of unselfish commitment and contribution to the efficient running of the IFAA and our sport.




Tim started as Treasurer of IFAA on January 1, 1991, and has continued to be IFAA Treasurer since, except for a short break of 2 ½ years. Tim’s career as a bank manager and being familiar with managing accounts, figures and financial reports enables him to keep a close and careful guardianship of all of IFAA’ s finances.

Tim started his archery career in 1978 and is a founder member of his local club in Australia. He is still a keen archer with his main interest in Field Archery, the Longbow and Traditional Recurve shooting style.