SAFAC2019 event patchDear Archers residing in the South American Region of the IFAA.

You may have been aware of the social economic unrest in Chile that has destabilised the country over the last few weeks.  Unfortunately the Chilean Government had to declare a general curfew and the hosting of group events is not allowed. It also means that there will be no public transport and all airports are closed.

After discussions between the Brazilian, Argentinian and the Chilean delegates and also between the Chilean Military and the event organisers it was decided to re-schedule the SAFAC 2019 to 6-8 December, with the registration on 5 December.

Please understand that this is a South American Tournament and therefor is under control of the South American Region within the IFAA and not the IFAA.

The participants cannot expect any refund of their registration fees, as these have been used to organise the event and pay for the targets.

The IFAA understands that this is the only alternative date this year and supports the Regional decision

Those archers who can attend the SAFAC 2019 on 6-8 December must please contact the SAFAC 2019 organisers on:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

IFAA Executive Council

For more detail please contact the tournament organsers