Perfect Animal Round
01-January 2010 to 02 May 2017
This is a list of archers who have shot the "perfect" score of 560 in IFAA sanctioned events, regardless of age group. Although many of the archers have shot the perfect score more than once. Only "the first time" that this score was shot is shown. Styles that did not shot a "perfect score" since 2010 are repeated from the "Pre Jan -2010" list.
Freestyle Limited Recurve (FS-R)
Professional Male
E. Hall USA 1986 WFAC F. Gandy USA 1986 WFAC
Freestyle Unlimited (FU)
Professional Male
A. Roth GER 2016 EBHC J. Harden USA 2013 NAFAC
T. Heeg GER 2016 EBHC R. Bleyendaal NED 2013 EFAC
O. Tjempeland NOR 2015 NAFAC M. Springs SUI 2013 EFAC
S. Rehr GER 2015 WFAC N. Benade RSA 2012 WFAC
J. Cox USA 2014 WFAC Wet RSA 2012 WFAC
H. Barrientos USA 2014 WFAC T.Kalmaru WAL 2010 WFAC
A. Roth GER 2014 NAFAC B. Munson USA 2010 NAFAC
J. Meyer USA 2014 NAFAC G. Klawitter USA 2010 NAFAC
J. Marlow USA 2013 NAFAC
Professional Female
L. Lainchbury NZL 2016 WFAC P. Pearce USA 2014 WFAC
I. Enthoven NED 2015 EFAC F. McClean CAN 2014 WFAC
U. Wiese GER 2015 EFAC S.Hottecke AAE 2010 WFAC
Barebow compound ( BB-C)
Adult Male
B. Marshall USA 2000 NAFAC
Freestyle Limited compound (FS-C)
Adult Male
D. Hryn USA 1997 NAFAC
Cub Male
J. Rademan RSA 2000 WFAC D. Williams USA 1988 WFAC
Freestyle Unlimited (FU)
Veteran Male
B. Miller AUS 2016 WFAC D. Bucy USA 2014 WFAC
T. Irvine NZL 2016 WFAC F. Pearson USA 2014 WFAC
B. Lawhorn USA 2016 NAFAC L. Johnson USA 2014 WFAC
G. Kramer RSA 2015 WBHC D. DiMascio USA 2013 NAFAC
J. Markey USA 2015 NAFAC D. Townsend USA 2013 NAFAC
R. West USA 2015 NAFAC T. Fuller USA 2013 NAFAC
H. Willman GER 2015 EFAC R. Nacaxe BRA 2013 SAFAC
G. Blesing AUS 2015 PRFAC D.Grade USA 2012 NAFAC
N. Benade RSA 2015 ARFAC J.C. Bradway USA 2012 NAFAC
K. Jones USA 2014 EFAC V. Baker USA 2011 NAFAC
S. van der Linde RSA 2014 WFAC F.Kilchor SWI 2010 WFAC
W. Young USA 2014 WFAC J.van Stryp RSA 2010 WFAC
D. Bucy USA 2014 WFAC J. Maze USA 2010 NAFAC
Veteran Female
B. Pearson USA 2014 WFAC B. Kouns USA 2004 WFAC
Adult Male
W. van Staden RSA 2017 ARFAC H. Myburgh RSA 2015 ARFAC
K. Barnard RSA 2017 ARFAC K. de Wet RSA 2015 ARFAC
J. Olexienko AUS 2016 WFAC W. Brett RSA 2015 ARFAC
S. Pratt AUS 2016 WFAC R. Pretorius RSA 2015 ARFAC
J. Thompson AUS 2016 WFAC C.L. Bee USA 2014 WFAC
J. Zwaans NZL 2016 WFAC W. Smit RSA 2014 WFAC
S. Buscombe AUS 2016 WFAC K. Hanley USA 2014 WFAC
B. Rowe NZL 2016 WFAC K. Green USA 2014 WFAC
T. Balmer AUS 2016 WFAC D. Rae ENG 2014 WFAC
C. Tyson AUS 2016 WFAC S. Landberg RSA 2014 WFAC
B. Horwood AUS 2016 WFAC L. Hetletved USA 2014 WFAC
M. Quirke AUS 2016 WFAC G. Seckhon AUS 2014 WFAC
R. Merigan AUS 2016 WFAC J. Metcalfe ENG 2014 WFAC
B. Pavitt AUS 2016 WFAC S. McKenty CAN 2014 WFAC
C. McDougall AUS 2016 WFAC J. Cassady USA 2014 WFAC
G. Diamantopoulos AUS 2016 WFAC V. Tonao BRA 2014 WFAC
W. Sargent NZL 2016 WFAC K. Putk EST 2014 WFAC
B. Campbell AUS 2016 WFAC H. Engelbrecht RSA 2014 WFAC
O. Blignaut AUS 2016 WFAC A. Rodriguez USA 2013 NAFAC
T. Ashton AUS 2016 WFAC C. Deston USA 2013 NAFAC
D. Podubinski AUS 2016 WFAC P. Russell USA 2013 NAFAC
S. Lea AUS 2016 WFAC S. Eurich USA 2013 NAFAC
G. Godan HUN 2015 WBHC T. Marlow USA 2013 NAFAC
H. Myburg RSA 2015 WBHC A.L. De Colo BRA 2013 SAFAC
G. Kiraly HUN 2015 WBHC C. Heinke GER 2013 EFAC
T. Wildmann AUT 2015 WBHC J. Busies GER 2013 EFAC
I. Libiseller AUT 2015 WBHC K. Gábor HUN 2013 EFAC
H. Stabtzer AUT 2015 WBHC K. Voggenberger AUT 2013 EFAC
L. Gabor HUN 2015 WBHC L. Gautschi SUI 2013 EFAC
A. Ramirez USA 2015 NAFAC A.Ramirez USA 2012 NAFAC
S. Snider USA 2015 NAFAC C.Hurn RSA 2012 WFAC
B. Haniman USA 2015 NAFAC H.Brink RSA 2012 WFAC
J. Pskowski USA 2015 NAFAC J. Marlow USA 2012 NAFAC
K. Reinalter AUT 2015 EFAC J.Mitchell RSA 2012 WFAC
T. Glaubrecht GER 2015 EFAC L.Page NAM 2012 WFAC
U. Britschgi SWI 2015 EFAC F. Ogden USA 2011 NAFAC
C. Paulsson SWE 2015 EFAC J. Bowersox USA 2011 NAFAC
M. Rutonen FIN 2015 EFAC J. Reid USA 2011 NAFAC
J. Metcalfe WAL 2015 EFAC M.Bassler GER 2010 WFAC
J. Burzle LIE 2015 EFAC S. Hughes USA 2010 NAFAC
M. Friberg SWE 2015 EFAC T.Pritt EST 2010 WFAC
A. Ekman SWE 2015 EFAC W.Gates RSA 2010 WFAC
S. Johnson ENG 2015 EFAC A. Pankonin USA 2010 NAFAC
S. Pratt AUS 2015 PRFAC A.Szres GER 2010 WFAC
G. Sekhon AUS 2015 PRFAC F. Pearson USA 2010 NAFAC
T. Cotton AUS 2015 PRFAC J. Harden USA 2010 NAFAC
C. Tyson AUS 2015 PRFAC L. Gonzalez USA 2010 NAFAC
T. Ashton AUS 2015 PRFAC M. Marlow USA 2010 NAFAC
C. Szanto AUS 2015 PRFAC M. Springs SWI 2010 WFAC
H. Brink RSA 2015 ARFAC J. Szedlar HUN 2010 EBHC
Adult Female
H. Johnson USA 2015 NAFAC R. Klein USA 2014 WFAC
K. Tyson AUS 2015 PRFAC A. Ramirez USA 2013 NAFAC
A. Flock-Schmitt GER 2015 EFAC E. Ellery-Siaosi NZ 2013 PRFAC
E. Bee USA 2014 WFAC B. Pearson USA 2011 NAFAC
L. de Wet RSA 2014 WFAC M. White USA 2011 NAFAC
S. Pearce USA 2014 WFAC
Young Adult Male
C. Jones AUS 2016 WFAC T. Atkinson AUS 2016 WFAC
Young Adult Female
Junior Male
B. Mentz RSA 2017 ARFAC S. Zacharias LIE 2014 WFAC
J. Wells AUS 2016 WFAC E. Jacobowitz USA 2013 NAFAC
C. Jones NZL 2015 WBHC P.Fernando RSA 2012 WFAC
E. Jacobowitz USA 2014 EFAC K.Brink RSA 2012 WFAC
K. Brink RSA 2014 WFAC H. Conradie RSA 2012 WFAC
R. Green USA 2014 WFAC R. Van Staden NAM 2012 WFAC
C. Feterl USA 2014 WFAC J.Marlow USA 2010 NAFAC
Junior Female
A. Faul AUS 2016 WFAC S. Eurich USA 2013 NAFAC
C. Cox USA 2014 WFAC P. Klawitter USA 2012 NAFAC
G. Keiser USA 2014 WFAC D. Clark ENG 2011 NAFAC
Cub Male
B. Badenhorst RSA 2017 ARFAC J. Knocker NZ 2013 PRFAC
T. Rapana NZL 2016 WFAC M. Craigie-Stevenson RSA 2013 WBHC
T. Groom SCO 2015 WBHC H. Eveleigh RSA 2013 WBHC
N. Diepold GER 2015 WBHC T. Loots RSA 2011 ARFAC
I. de Wet RSA 2015 ARFAC J. Wilsenach RSA 2011 ARFAC
T. Groom SCO 2013 EFAC J. de klerk RSA 2011 ARFAC
M. Leuschen GER 2013 EFAC A. Pergel HUN 2010 EBHC
Cub Female
A. Reinbott AUS 2016 WFAC K. Hetletved EST 2014 WFAC
S. van der Veen RSA 2014 WFAC
Bowhunter Limited (BL)
Adult Male
R. Gentry USA 2006 WFAC
Bowhunter Unlimited (BU)
Veteran Male
G. Marrier USA 2009 NAFAC
Adult Male
T. Basset NZL 2016 WFAC T. van Niekerk RSA 2014 WFAC
R. van Tonder NZL 2016 WFAC J. Human RSA 2014 WFAC
H.P. van Staden RSA 2015 WBHC K. Kent EST 2013 EFAC
A. Dula HUN 2015 WBHC A. Wirth SUI 2013 EFAC
M. Kohar HUN 2015 WBHC M. Welk AUS 2013 PRFAC
D. Ormiston AUS 2015 PRFAC R Chamberlain NAM 2013 ARFAC
J. Flemming RSA 2015 ARFAC J. van Stryp RSA 2013 WBHC
M. Jansen van Vuuren RSA 2015 ARFAC B. Posthumus-Meyjes RSA 2011 ARFAC
W. van Schalkwyk RSA 2014 WFAC K.Clarens RSA 2010 WFAC
Adult Female
J. Dohlhoff RSA 2014 WFAC B. van der Mewe NAM 2007 ARFAC
R. Landsberg RSA 2014 WFAC
Young Adult Male
L. Burkle SWI 2015 WBHC
Junior Male
N. Chandler AUS 2016 WFAC J. Engel NAM 2013 ARFAC
P. Hearne AUS 2014 WFAC