IFAA Instuctors

The IFAA Executive welcomes a new elected Instructors’ Forum with the following members:

Lynne Fairhall (Aus)            IFAA Director of Instruction and Coaching

Nico Benade (RSA)             Daniel Rae (Eng)

Alessandro Salvanti (Ita)      Anu Uusma (Est)

José Luis Martinez (Esp)      Rainer Knaak (Che)

The new members were elected this weekend during the meeting of the IFAA Master Instructors in Bucharest.

In this meeting the following issues were discussed:

  • Adjustments to the Instruction Protocol
  • The Curriculum of each course level
  • Strategic planning for the next four years
  • Recognition of our Instructors
  • Election of the Forum members

 The meeting has been very successful and we hope to place a more detailed write-up within the next two weeks

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