WIAMM 2016 Feedback

WIMM blue

The last scores are in and we are now busy sorting out the various medal inserts.

They should be sent out within the next week or so.



The WIAMM in the current format is now 12 years old and over these years the number of participants has grown from less than 100 to 421 archers this year.
This year may not have the largest number of participants, but this event remains popular.

For those readers that are interested in some statistical facts:

We had archers from 10 member associations participating this year, divided over 47 archery clubs.

The largest number of participants came from Australia, closely followed by Brazil.

The largest number of participating archers from a single club are members of “Renegade Bowmen” from Australia with 37 archers, followed by “Predator Archery” from the USA with 29 archers.

The largest participating style was the AMFU with 53 archers, followed by the AMBH(R) with 46 archers. The growth of the BH(R) style is quite amazing and proves that these archers are not only interested in 3D (as is often stated) but are also getting more interested in the other IFAA disciplines.

Also of interest is the age and gender division:

30% of the archers were women.

70% were shooting in the Adult Division, 15% were in the Veteran division and 15% were shooting in the U18 divisions.

We are very proud of these figures as it shows that the mail match is enjoyed by all age groups and both gender.

We would like to thank you for your participation and making this a successful world event. It makes our work so worthwhile.

Hopefully we will see your names again in next year’s tournament.

With thanks,

IFAA Exec.