Archers Attending IFAA Sanctioned Tournaments

ifaalogoOur archers are kindly reminded that any person who is registered or intends to get registered for an IFAA sanctioned tournament must

be in the possession of an official score record card to be allowed to shoot the tournament.

Archers who have registered and have no such card are advised to contact their national association as soon as possible to obtain such a card.

Archers without such a card may NOT shoot the tournament!

Tournaments directly affected are:

The EFAC 2013, the WBHC 2013, the NAFAC 2013 and all IFAA tournaments after these events.

The rule states:


  1. Records
  1. Each member shall adopt and maintain a system which accurately records scores shot by archers on any of the official IFAA Rounds. Only scores shot in tournaments under IFAA tournament rules shall be recorded.
  2. Scores so obtained shall be recorded on an official score recording card, including date scored, type of round shot and signed off by a tournament official
  3. Scores so obtained in the 28 target or 2x14 target Field or Hunter Round or alternatively in a Round consisting of 1x14 target Field combined with 1x14 target Hunter standard unit shall be used in the classification of the archer.
  4. In all tournaments sanctioned by the IFAA, each archer shall at registration make available his/her official score recording card to the Tournament Chairman to ensure that the archer is in good standing with an IFAA Member and the proper classification of that archer.
  5. An archer may not attend an IFAA sanctioned tournament without an official score record card.