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2017 EFAC

EFAC 2017
Daily score for this event are available HERE

Champion of Nations (CON) Team Results - Day 5 HERE

WBHC 2017

WBHC17 Logo

Results for this event are available here

The IFAA Executive expresses its regrets that the results of the Champion of Nations could not be advertised daily.

Incompatibility between scoring systems used by the IFAA and the FIARC made automatic transfer of results impossible and scores had to be manually recorded and points had to be manually calculated.

Team members of the Italian, Swiss and German teams who did not receive their medal at the ceremony must please contact their association.

IFAA Executive

The results for the CoN are avaialble HERE

IFAA Instructors Course - Level 3



The IFAA Instructors’ Forum is happy to announce that a Level 3 course will be hosted later this year.



IFAA archery instructors with one year's active experience as a level 2 instructor.

EBHC 2018

EBHC 2018 cr

EBHC 2018 registrations are open with only a few starting positions still available. Archers will be placed on a waiting list