famarch Dear Family of Archers!
May I wish you good health, lots of success in whatever is of importance to you and a return to what we once considered as being “normal”.
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Loet has passed on the torch, that guides the way of the Association, to me and I am prepared to carry it forward. Most likely not in his style, which was unique, but in my own style which I hope will also be well received by all of you. I am grateful that I can still rely on his advice in the future and that he will be available when I need somebody to consult, someone who has seen it all.

Taking over also means identifying the most urgent matters and prioritize them. Therefore, my top priority is to ensure that you will have a predictable roadmap towards the two big World Events scheduled for this year.

Although it is far too early to make any serious predictions as to how things may develop, we should be able to present a concept that provides a reasonable level of predictability allowing you to make bookings / reservations and plan your vacations in advance. In the next few weeks, I will be in touch with the relevant Associations and Organisers as well as with the responsible officers to assert myself of the situation and
what needs to be done. You will find reliable information on the IFAA website soon as well as on the Event websites. Please make sure you frequently check for any news.

Currently the circumstances we all find ourselves in does not allow for any tournaments. However, this does not mean there is no challenge out there for you. Have a look at the World Indoor Mail Match and see how you can participate! We are working on options allowing you to share your mail match experience with others. Be it as a report, a selection of photographs, video clips or even live-streams. You will learn more about
it in the next weeks to come from the IFAA Website.

Finally, I am asking for your assistance: Within the clubs, Member Associations and within the IFAA, we are depending on your support as volunteers. Our entire structure is based on individuals, willing to dedicate their time to the sport and helping with the organisation. I need you to offer whatever is affordable for you in terms of time and your willingness to work jointly on the development of the great Idea of the Family of Archers.

May we all have a good 2021 with our families, our friends, and our Sport!

Yours in Archery,
Martin Koini


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