Letter from the President

Dear Masters and Instructors!

Let me start with an honest “thank you” for all your efforts and hard work over the last years.

Ten years ago, the past President of the IFAA, Loet F. Smit initiated the IFAA Training and Coaching Programme which I wish to continue. For this I have asked Jose Luis Martinez to accept the role of the Director for Training and Coaching. I am thankful that he has accepted it and is willing to take it on with all the experience he collected over the years.

I have asked him to conduct a fundamental review of the system which includes a review of the protocol and suggestions how to improve it / make it more practical. Furthermore, to carry on with workgroups to update, revise, improve the coaching resources and to establish formats for renewal of certificates. Each of you are invited to support him.

There will be a major change in how the courses will be organised in the future: I have asked Jose to come up with a model that is able to demonstrate how the Training and Coaching System can be operated in a self-supporting manner. Here I am counting on the support of those associations / instructors who already successfully operate such concept.

As much as I understand the reservations regarding provision of personal data to third parties – I must remind you that a reliable system not only depends on the quality of data, but it also depends on the integrity of and trust in the persons operating such system. The new DTC will have to propose a binding agreement between the IFAA and the individual Instructors regarding data provision and data protection based on the international data privacy protection regulations. Here your input is also more than welcomed.

We have had difficulties in organising renewal courses due to many reasons. This is also the reason why your certificates have been extended. The DTC and the Forum are requested to come up with formats to renew certificates in such a way that travelling efforts are reduced to an absolute minimum without compromising the level of quality. This is a difficult task, and I am thanking all Masters involved in this process for their strong support to achieve this goal. With all the good will available, I am expecting renewal courses taking place from the 2nd quarter of this year onwards.

As a personal remark – we have the classification system in place since almost the start of the IFAA; it always was intended to set goals for archers who are developing their skill. I wish you to think about how this system can serve your work as instructors / coaches in a meaningful way. If this means that it needs to be upgraded, – so be it. For me, this system is far too valuable to be used as a “qualification” criterion only and not really serving this intent in most of the cases.

The burden is on you to make the best possible system out of what you have got. It is a challenge and an opportunity in many ways. Above all of this is the mission statement of the IFAA – we are to preserve the abilities and the knowledge about field archery, the type of games, the styles, the bows etc. You as instructors are the ones who are the protectors of this heritage – so you need to familiarize yourself with what you need to teach in the first place.

For this, I am challenging you to join me on the following – you may consider it as the “Presidential Challenge”:

Using the Flint Round format, I am challenging you to shoot at least one official score per month in this year, each month using a different style. We will provide you with a Facebook link and a column on our IFAA Web page to report and share your experiences and scores. Those of you managing to provide a minimum of a “B” score – being 50% of the current World Record for the single Flint Round of the individual styles – will be called the “Master of Styles” in the future.

Wishing all of you and your families a good 2021. Stay safe from troubles and most importantly healthy!

Yours in Archery,
Martin Koini

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